Finance Analyst Finds Leadership Strengths

Finance Analyst Finds Leadership Strengths


Being a high-performing finance analyst is an impressive accomplishment, but in the competitive world of MBA admissions, it’s not always enough. With a surplus of candidates from the finance sector, and particularly the Chinese finance sector, standing out can be a challenge. For this applicant, the key to differentiation was not her professional accomplishments, but her leadership and networking skills outside of work.

770 GMAT Score
3.7 Undergrad GPA
Undergrad Resume Econ degree from Chinese University; IB analyst

The Situation

Our client was a highly skilled finance analyst in one of the most competitive demographics for MBA admissions – Chinese finance professionals. While her technical skills were exceptional, she lacked the leadership roles that MBA admissions committees typically seek. With numerous similar applicants, the challenge was to showcase her leadership potential despite the limited leadership opportunities she had been allowed so far in her career.

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Our Solution.

We recommended that the applicant streamline her descriptions of technical work achievements, creating space to highlight a significant extracurricular role – the founder and president of her high school's alumni association. This leadership role not only demonstrated her capabilities, but was also highly relevant to an MBA adcom, showcasing her networking skills. Now, her application presented a complete package - impressive technical skills, demonstrated leadership experience, and a clear fit with Stanford GSB's culture.

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