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Client Testimonials

"Thank you very much for this comprehensive feedback. It's extremely instrumental for the TBD preparation. I am strongly appreciative of your firm pitting the time and resources to offer this great service."

H., Belgium

"The video clips are's doing a lot of help for me.... You've done a awesome supporting role for me and others. Appreciate it!!"

J., South Korea

Wharton & Ross “Team-based Discussion” Prep Service -- with Video

Wharton and Michigan Ross applicants participate in a “team-based discussion” facilitated by the admissions staff. Interacting as a group, Wharton applicants address a real-world business scenario, revealing how they approach and analyze challenging situations. Ross applicants are asked individually, and then as a group, to "connect" two random words. At both schools, an admissions rep watches and assesses each participant's performance.

So, how can you prepare to succeed? The MBA Exchange has developed and introduced the first-ever interactive prep service for Wharton and Ross applicants. This innovative offering features password protected, fully encrypted video conferences for groups of applicants. These sessions are administered by former admissions officers and veteran MBA grads with extensive experience assessing, advising and/or interviewing Wharton applicants. In fact, our consulting team includes former Associate Directors of Admissions from both Wharton and Ross.

To simulate the actual Team-based Discussion, The MBA Exchange facilitator presents a topic and then steps back so participants can interact freely. He or she observes the session carefully and provides each participant with actionable, 1-on-1 feedback via a confidential scorecard. In addition, we provide participants with a confidential link to a password-protected HD video-recording of the practice session so they can thoroughly study their own performance. We are the first and only firm to offer this video component.

Through our simulated discussion, you will develop greater skill and confidence before entering a more stressful environment in the actual Wharton or Ross session. Here's what actual clients have to say about this service from The MBA Exchange:

“Thank you for hosting and moderating such a helpful session!!”
--S., California

“I was crazy impressed!”
--J., Texas

“I feel much more comfortable going into my "real" interview at Wharton. Congratulations on such an excellent team at MBA Exchange.”
--A., California

“Thanks again for putting the session on. I feel much more comfortable in regards to what I'm walking into.”
--M., California

“I now feel more confident about the actual discussion because of the recent practice session. “
--A., China

"I'm writing to share a good news with you -- I've been admitted to the Wharton MBA Class! Thanks for your help in the Team-based Discussion prep!
--L., Hong Kong

“This was really helpful.”
--E., California

“Thank you for this group discussion session, it was very instructive and helpful to improve from your detailed feedback.”
--K., Hong Kong

For more details about this exclusive prep service for Wharton applicants, please contact The MBA Exchange at