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When you think your Round 2 MBA application is finished, think again

December 20 2012 By The MBA Exchange
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• Are you a Round 2 applicant targeting top-tier business schools? • Have you written your applications for submission by the January deadlines? • Would you feel more confident if your applications were thoroughly critiqued by former MBA admissions officers and skilled grads of your targeted schools?

If you answered “yes” to all 3 of these questions, then you’re not really done with your applications.

What you think may be a great set of essays might actually constrain your candidacy. Only by having a thorough review and candid feedback from an experienced observer can you say with certainty that you’re ready to present the b-schools with your strongest case for acceptance.

Perhaps you have colleagues or friends with MBA admissions backgrounds who can provide such a review for you. Otherwise, consider AppCheck ™ from The MBA Exchange. Their ex-admissions officers and experienced b-school grads will examine your work and provide specific advice for improvement. Even if you’ve worked with an admissions consulting firm, this service adds substantial value by confirming or improving the way you’ve positioned your candidacy.

A thorough review with actionable comments, provided in 48 hours or less, will help you refine your app so you can hit the January deadlines with greater confidence – and a greater chance for success.

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