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What’s your best path to “authenticity”?

September 23 2013 By The MBA Exchange
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The buzzword that we’re hearing from top business schools this year is “authenticity” as they describe what they’re seeking from MBA applicants. No one can argue with that expectation or priority. A quick Google search on the word “authenticity” reveals a list of very positive attributes, including: genuineness, legitimacy, validity, realism, faithfulness, dependability, and accuracy.

However, some admissions officers say that “authenticity” can be achieved only by an applicant working in isolation, without benefit of an experienced advisor. We would argue that “authenticity” can be achieved more completely, confidently, efficiently and – well – authentically by having an admissions expert in your corner. A skilled consultant can ask you the tough questions, challenge the easy answers, and catch the inconsistencies as you optimize your candidacy and craft your essays. That’s why our comprehensive approach to MBA admissions starts with a thorough analysis of our client’s personal, professional and academic profile before looking at the essay questions.

At The MBA Exchange, we do not believe in templates or cookie-cutter content. Rather, we dive deep into your candidacy and help you bring out and present your best, authentic self. Much of what we do as admissions consultants is guide and coach you through a journey of self-reflection and introspection, keeping in mind that your ultimate goal is admission.

Having an experienced consultant help you discover and prioritize the aspects of your past, present and future that are distinctive and relevant can produce a candidacy that resonates with and convinces adcoms that you are the real deal. In doing so, you can make “authenticity” your competitive advantage.