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Searching for the Right MBA? Consider Attending a Virtual Fair

January 29 2014 By The MBA Exchange
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You’re convinced of the value proposition for an MBA education, but how can you determine which business school is the proper one for you? An online fair can provide a valuable platform for meeting admissions officers, discovering details about their programs, and participating in webinars with admissions experts — all from the comfort of your laptop or tablet.

Would you like a few pointers on how get the most benefit from your MBA virtual fair experience?

1. Do your homework: After researching the schools you’re considering, think about what you want the schools to know about you. Advance prep will impress adcoms with your insights and enable you avoid asking for basic facts that could be found in online school profiles.

2. Prioritize topics: To help determine which MBA program most closely matches your wants and needs, focus on what you feel are the most important aspects of the b-school experience — from location and class size to diversity and teaching style. One size does not fit all!

3. Stay nimble: Take full advantage of opportunities that arise during the fair, including chatting with current students and alumni about the challenges and rewards of their alma mater. You can also access webinars and videos that feature admissions advice and other insights.

4. Be friendly: At a virtual fair, you’ll have the chance to engage with administrators, students and grads from over the world. The knowledge you gather can help you make an informed and confident decision about the right MBA program for you.

If you’re seriously considering an MBA degree, we invite you to start with a free evaluation of your candidacy from The MBA Exchange. And then sign up for The Economist’s “Which MBA?” Fair! It’s also free, and it will be offered online on February 5, 6 and 8. Sign up today at