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Try, Try Again: Reapplying to B-school

June 4 2014 By The MBA Exchange
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It’s been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. Well, there are many reapplicants to top MBA programs who follow this futile approach and, sadly, never achieve their admissions goals.

The business schools don’t help. Rejected applicants — even those who made it to the purgatory known as the wait list — rarely get any feedback or rationale from the adcom as to why they were denied. And when an individual asks, “Should I reapply?” they’re told only that every application is reviewed and considered.

So, what is a rejected applicant to do?

If reapplying to the same school, one option is to get an expert “ding analysis” that could reveal aspects of the application that proved fatal. Or if the individual is aiming for different schools, he or she can get a professional analysis of the candidacy, then launch a new campaign from scratch, harnessing the disappointment and learning from the original campaign.

The one thing that need not happen is to accept defeat. For those individuals who remain determined to achieve MBA admission and are open to changing their approach, there is at least one school in the world that will appreciate your attributes, welcome you to their community, deliver an amazing education, and reward you with a lifetime of personal and professional benefits.