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B-school campus visits: “Do I really have to go?”

June 18 2014 By The MBA Exchange
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When asked by an applicant if it’s worth the time and expense to travel to his or her targeted business schools, our answer is always the same: “Only if you really want to get admitted.”

The benefits of observing classes, meeting current students, and experiencing the campus culture first-hand are undeniable. Not only will this exposure help you create more convincing essays, it will also help you confirm for yourself that this is The School that you want to attend.

Furthermore, interacting with admissions staff while you’re on campus demonstrates your determination to enroll if accepted. Even if they don’t admit it, adcoms care very much about the “yield” on their offers of admission, so your visit can only help make the case for admitting you vs. an equally qualified applicant who has never seen the school.

Of course, there are situations where the cost or timing make a campus visit impossible. I n those cases, all you can do thorough online research, go to a local information session, chat with students and alumni, and make every aspect of your application — resume, recommendations and essays — so compelling and so convincing that the admissions committee believes you really know and strongly prefer their program.