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5 Worst Excuses for NOT Applying to Business School

July 23 2014 By The MBA Exchange
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First in a series for individuals who have not yet started to prepare their MBA applications. 1. I don’t have a long-term career goal The truth is that most b-school applicant aren’t sure about how their career will look in 10 years. And many don’t know what they really want to do after graduation. The schools know this. In fact, that’s why some programs have stopped asking about post-MBA objectives in their essays. One of the greatest benefits of attending business schools is the exposure to an array of disciplines, organizations, industry and markets so you can discover what truly resonates with you. 2. I didn’t have good grades in college There are many reasons why some students don’t perform well as undergraduates. Immaturity. Wrong major. Extracurricular activities. Family or health issues. Again, the b-schools know this. As long as your show awareness of and accountability for your past results — and your GPA is within the middle 80% of admits, you can be competitive for admission. 3. I don’t do well on standardized tests The last such test you took was probably the SAT or ACT when you were 17 years old! Don’t you feel more confident about your verbal and quant skills today as a college grad and working professional? And rather than speculate about how you’ll do on the GMAT or GRE, take a free practice test to establish a baseline. Even if that practice score is low, there is a wide range of expert tutors and even test-anxiety experts available to help you achieve your personal best. 4. I don’t think I can afford tuition Fact: the majority of business school students have some type of financial aid, be it need-based or merit-based. Financial aid officers have lots of options and resources for you to consider. And once a school decides that they want you in the class, they are highly motivated to help you find a way to pay for it. And keep in mind the average compensation for MBA grads — you’ll achieve breakeven even sooner than you may think. 5. I don’t know how or where to begin That’s easy to answer. Get a free, expert evaluation of your MBA candidacy so you’ll understand how competitive you can be. Find out which of your strengths are most relevant, which of your vulnerabilities must be addressed, and which schools are most likely to admit you. With this objective feedback in hand, you’ll feel more focused and motivated, and ready to launch your admissions campaign.