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How will you get your ticket to a top MBA?

April 28 2015 By The MBA Exchange
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Are you a huge fan of Taylor Swift? Beyoncé? Maroon 5?

Have you ever tried to purchase tickets through an online service like Ticketmaster to see them perform live?

There are only so many seats in the venue — and hordes of potential ticket buyers will do almost anything to get in. It doesn’t matter how big a fan you are or how much you want to go. The multi-step process for online ticket purchasing is frustrating, requires quick action under pressure, and has an abundance of blind alleys and dead ends. And by the time you finally reach the front of the line, the seats are filled.

Hmmm. Sounds much like the application process at top-10 MBA programs where, last year, 51,735 applicants competed for only 5,589 available seats. And the archaic process for applying makes the pain of rejection only deeper.

MBA applicants are like “ticket buyers” running around like mad trying to gain b-school admission. And the schools are “Ticketmaster” — setting arbitrary rules, limiting human interaction, and ultimately breaking 46,146 hearts.

But what if it was different. Instead of being the frustrated “purchaser” struggling to get a seat at top business schools, what if the applicants could become the “Ticketmaster” of MBA admissions?

Just imagine if….

· The 5,000 most qualified and motivated applicants chose to cooperate rather than compete?

· They pledged not to submit official MBA applications directly to b-schools but rather set up their own website to promote their candidacies — like rock stars?

· The applicants set their own deadline and criteria for accepting admission offers from schools that are now competing against each other for the best candidates?

Well, unfortunately, this massive shift of power — from adcoms to applicants — won’t be happening soon. Change comes very slowly in this arena. And until that day arrives, future MBAs must continue to prepare and submit applications that make the strongest possible case for their getting a coveted “ticket” to a top b-school.

However, there are ways for MBA applicants to improve their chances. Just as astute music fans pursue “preferred seating” from Ticketmaster, MBA applicants can engage a professional admissions consultant for expert guidance and support that increase the chances for success.

High-reward opportunities — whether it’s the chance to see Justin Timberlake perform or to attend Harvard or Stanford — will always attract demand that exceeds supply. The longer the line, the more important it is for those seeking admission to have a proven strategy for success.

So, how will you get your ticket to a top MBA education?Start with a free professional evaluation of your MBA candidacy.