“Wishful Thinking” isn’t enough for MBA applicants

"I wish my GPA was higher…"
"I wish the GMAT wasn’t so difficult…"
"I wish I had more professional responsibility and impact…"
"I wish I was a leader of a non-profit organization…"

The regrets, disappointments and frustrations of the past can be disregarded or even forgotten until it’s time to prepare your application for a top business school. Then, suddenly, those aspects of your candidacy come roaring back to reality. Blood pressure rises, anxiety soars as you ask yourself, "So, now what do I do?"

The good news is that you don’t need to have an MBA candidacy that’s defined by gaps and mistakes. However, overcoming these constraints takes time and a plan. So, if you’re thinking about applying to top schools in Round 1 or even Round 2, every day counts if you are going to turn "I wish" into "I will":

"I will produce an alternative transcript by earning an A in an extension course."
"I will engage an expert test tutor or test anxiety counselor to help me boost my scores."
"I will approach my supervisor with a big idea that shows initiative and elevates my role."
"I will enhance my personal profile by helping a non-profit achieve its mission."

With vision and determination, you’ll see your MBA candidacy transform into one that is truly competitive. A great first step towards prioritizing your efforts is to get a free evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses from an admissions consulting organization such as The MBA Exchange.

So, when are you going to stop wishing — and start doing? How about today?