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Your MBA application: it’s not too late for great

September 10 2015 By The MBA Exchange
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There’s a tremendous sense of relief that most business school applicants feel when they finish preparing an application and submit it by the deadline. Finally it’s done! No more late nights or lost weekends. But just because you’ve completed the app doesn’t mean you’ve done your best. Before you click the mouse and send it to the school, answer these 3 important questions:

1. Have I presented all of my key strengths with strong examples?

2. Have I explained or mitigated all of my relevant vulnerabilities?

3. Have I made a compelling case for why an MBA, why this school and why me?

If you’re having any doubts, there’s still time to do something about them. You can have an experienced friend or colleague review your application with an objective eye and challenge you on any aspect that doesn’t resonate with them. Or better yet, you can engage an expert admissions consultant like The MBA Exchange to read it and provide specific, actionable feedback that you can use to make immediate improvements. Or you can even get a former MBA admissions officer from your targeted school to provide a written assessment, indicating whether he or she would admit, deny or waitlist your application.

The stakes are high. And you’ve put blood, sweat and tears into that application. So, why settle for “good enough” when you can actually make it great?