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“Back to the Future” for MBA Applicants

October 25 2015 By The MBA Exchange
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You’re probably familiar with this iconic sci-fi classic film in which a young Marty McFly goes back three decades – courtesy of Doc Brown’s DeLorean time machine – to interact with younger versions of his family and friends. Marty tries his best to overcome all obstacles to ensure that events leading to his future proceed as planned.

So, imagine it’s now the year 2045. You’re contemplating how fortunate you’ve been to reach this stage of your career. Perhaps you’re the CEO of a Fortune 100 multinational corporation. Or the founder of a startup that continues to rock Silicon Valley. Or maybe you’re heading a social venture that has improved the lives of millions in emerging markets.

One of the keys to your current success is the MBA education that you got back in 2016-17. The awesome array of knowledge, the dramatically expanded perspective, and the powerful global network acquired there have served you well for the past 30 years – and continue to so.

Suddenly, you find yourself sitting behind the wheel of a time machine. After activating the “flux capacitor” you reach a cruising speed of 88 miles per hour. WHAM! You’re transported back to the year 2015. The surroundings look vaguely familiar. You’re sitting on the living room couch in your apartment one evening, gazing at your laptop computer (yes, they used those antique devices back then) as you surf websites of top business schools Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, INSEAD

You hear your younger self saying, “Wow, these schools look so amazing! But I don’t think I could get admitted there. My undergrad GPA and GMAT scores are barely the median. And I haven’t really differentiated myself at work or in the community. Should I even try? Will I regret it 30 years from now if I don’t?”

Knowing the value of a top MBA, the “2045” version of you steps in to encourage the “2015” version to take a critical first step: “Hey, the least you can do it get an expert evaluation of your MBA candidacy from admissions experts like, say, The MBA Exchange. That way, you’ll know if you really have a shot at b-school admission. So, get some feedback on your profile so you can make a decision you won’t regret 30 years from now?”

In the immortal words of Marty McFly himself, “There’s nothing to be scared of. All it takes is a little self confidence. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything!”