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Myth No. 3: My candidacy is to “too similar” to other applicants, so I have no chance of admission

July 13 2010 By The MBA Exchange
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Many applicants have common professional profiles: financial analysts, consultants, IT professionals, engineers, etc. They might also share similar academic profiles like a 700 GMAT and 3.5 GPA from a good-but-not-great college with a degree in economics or business administration. And they might even come from the same kind of personal background and geographic location.

This “sameness” should not be a cause for discouragement. To the contrary, this only means that the applicant has to dig deeper to truly differentiate his or her candidacy from the rest of the pack, and once that is done, the profile should shine. Rather than ignore core strengths just because they are not unusual, successful applicants are those who complement them with additional strengths.

But how can this be done?

  1. Start with an in-depth analysis of your past and present. If you can’t seem to remember everything, then talking it over with family members, long-time friends and former colleagues can really help.
  2. Don’t ignore the mistakes and lessons learned. Admissions committees want to see real people when reading the applications. They don’t believe in “perfection” and are turned off by arrogance.
  3. Align your candidacy with the offerings and culture of the targeted school. By working from the “outside in” you may come up with accomplishments and attributes that you forgot about years ago or didn’t think were relevant.
  4. Present yourself from the heart and the head. Don’t just write facts and tactical details about what you’ve done.Share the related emotions and thoughts that make you “you.”
  5. Do a reality check before you submit your applications. Make sure that what you’ve captured is accurate, clear and sincere.Ask yourself how you would view the candidate behind the essays if that was all that you had to judge.

Working with a trusted, experienced admissions consultant is a great way to build a truly distinct and compelling candidacy, even if you believe that you’re undifferentiated from the pack. The MBA Exchange has helped many such applicants to find the “gold” in their past, present or future.

Get to know us – and your admissions potential – by requesting an objective, professional evaluation of your candidacy. The MBA Exchange is ready and eager to help you achieve your objectives.