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Social media profile can make or break your business school candidacy

June 19 2010 By The MBA Exchange
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“What applicants post on websites can get them in trouble. Be careful!”
–Admissions Director of a top-15 ranked MBA program

How will MBA admissions officers, recommenders, interviewers, b-school alumni, students and other “influencers” perceive you based on your presence on websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? It’s not just what you post, but also what has been posted about you — or about others with the same name — that could hurt your chances for MBA admission.

According to a survey by education company Kaplan, a unit of Washington Post Co., 38% of colleges that investigate social networking profiles have seen something that has “negatively affected” their view of an applicant. Only a quarter of the schools checking online presence said their views were improved by what the found, according to the survey.

Knowing this, how well have you managed your social networking profile? Do you know what is being said about you today by friends, casual acquaintances, family members and associates? What about potentially incriminating pictures or videos that may appear on obscure websites?

Every future b-school student could benefit from a professional audit of his or her social-media presence. The MBA Exchange is the first and only admissions consulting firm to offer this valuable, confidential service for MBA applicants. We have experienced, online research specialists find and examine what’s written, where it appears, and how you can change or delete it.

Furthermore, we can suggest opportunities where your online presence could be improved in order to increase your chances for MBA admissions success. It can take weeks — or even months — to turn an online profile from a vulnerability into a strength. Start today.

For details on this exclusive service for MBA applicants, please email The MBA Exchange.