GMAT vs GRE: Which Test is Best for Your MBA Candidacy?

Taking a standardized admissions test is a big hurdle – some even consider it a mountain (!) — that all applicants must leap to qualify for acceptance at an accredited business school. Whether you hate it or like it (no one really loves it), completing either the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is required. No waivers. No excuses. No kidding.

The only choice you have is which test to take. All things being equal (which they never are) the most popular choice is the GMAT. It’s the “traditional” test used by admissions committees to evaluate and compare applicants. And, since the GMAT is used specifically for business schools, while the GRE is used by a wide range of grad schools, taking the former conveys that you’re focused 100% on getting an MBA.

However (you knew there would be a “however”), for many applicants, the GRE can be a smarter choice, especially if taking that route can produce a much higher score. As you consider which test is going to be better for your MBA candidacy, there are a number of questions to consider. For instance:

• What are the similarities and the differences between the tests?
• How do the quant and verbal sections compare?
• What kind of applicants tend to take one vs. the other?
• How do I overcome the stress of making this decision?
• How will the admissions committee view me based on which test I take?

The answers to such questions are important. And not obvious. So, getting an expert’s point of view before you commit can be invaluable. Here are 3 such experts from The MBA Exchange who want to help you make the right decision:

Adam Raichel, Master Test Tutor
• Full-time professional tutor and education consultant since 1999
• Has worked successfully with hundreds of GMAT and GRE test takers at all score levels
• Graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School

Jessica Seymour, Senior Admissions Consultant
• Former Associate Director of Admissions at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University
• MBA graduate of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth where she interviewed applicants

Dr. James M. Spitalny, Ed. D., Education Advisor
• Licensed clinical psychologist skilled in diagnostic testing and counseling
• Doctorate in counseling psychology from Rutgers University
• Master’s degree in clinical psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University
• Specializes in overcoming test interview anxiety

You can tap into the expertise of these gurus — free of charge — through a 60-minute webinar that addresses the question “GMAT or GRE: Which Test is Best for Your MBA Candidacy?”

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