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Progressive MBA Programs for the New Economy

December 29 2009 By The MBA Exchange
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In today’s society, an MBA degree from a prestigious institution is symbolic of success. There are compelling reasons for following this pathway at any stage of one’s career. This is particularly the case in times of economic instability, when competition for fewer jobs becomes more intense, and when career tracks become uncertain and unpredictable.

MBA programs that are acclaimed for their entrepreneurial offerings provide students with more than just cutting-edge strategies and tactics. Such schools also give graduates a respected “brand” that conveys substance and credibility in the eyes of future investors, employees, suppliers and customers. In addition, the global alumni network can be the greatest asset of all, providing subject matter expertise on industries, companies and markets across town and across the globe.

For those working professional less prone to be entrepreneurs, and who see themselves as advancing in the corporate world from a specialist role to that of a general manager or maybe even CEO, the knowledge and perspective that come with a top MBA are unbeatable.In tough economic times, recruiters and headhunters are drawn to the quality that distinguishes grads from top schools.

Regardless of where you are in your career journey – whether a rookie reaching for the next rung on the corporate ladder or a mid-level manager with visions of launching a the next–an MBA education could be the best investment you’ve ever made.

Innovative MBA programs are available from a range of institutions.New York University’s Stern School of Business offers a “customizable curriculum that leverages New York City and innovatively combines real-world learning and theory”. As an epicenter of global business, it would be hard to find a more perfect location to learn and network. NYU also offers a part-time MBA for those unable to take a career break to pursue their studies full-time.

In 2009 Harvard Business School topped The Times Higher Education World Rankings. If you can gain admission, the learning experiences and contacts that you will make at HBS will ensure a rock solid foundation for success. Harvard features the “case study” method of learning, a dynamic and academically challenging approach, which fosters executive management thinking, lateral decision-making and entrepreneurial acumen.

The Yale School of Management has a progressive orientation that emphasizes social responsibility – an ethical dimension that has been sadly downplayed by many MBA programs in the past decade of “profit at any cost”.  Yale scholars have focused their research recently on business models designed to benefit both shareholders and the community — for example Eco-Business and for-profit social enterprise banking.

Choosing an MBA program that is flexible and adaptive to the changing economic landscape can ensure that you remain well positioned and nimble enough to anticipate and take advantage of business opportunities and growth when the economic upswing finally hits.Instead of just weathering the next storm, you can be the storm.

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