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Profile of a Successful Round 2 MBA Applicant

October 25 2016 By The MBA Exchange
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You realized months ago that gaining admission to a top business school is more of a marathon than a sprint. So, rather than rush your campaign and “settle” for an application that’s less than your best, you let the fall deadlines pass and set your sights on applying in January.

Two questions: What traits distinguish you from Round 1 applicants? And how can you capitalize on those attributes to improve your chances for MBA admission success?

1. You’re active and accountable.
One reason that you plan to apply in Round 2 is major demands on your time. Your boss, family and community all recognize your strengths and expect you to give them your all. Carving out space on your calendar to optimize your MBA candidacy and produce stellar applications is very difficult. So, you wisely decided to spread the process over an additional three months. Or maybe you were planning to apply in Round 1 but just ran out of runway due to other demands and commitments. In any case, you’ve given yourself the chance to build a candidacy that is even more robust than those of eager Round 1 competitors. Now you need to identify the attributes that align with the selection criteria at your target schools. Start with a free, expert evaluation of your candidacy from a trusted resource like The MBA Exchange so you’ll know which assets to emphasize – and which vulnerabilities to explain or fix.

2. You’re confident and committed.

Delay is not an option. You don’t want to postpone your campaign until next year. And Round 3 applications have a lower likelihood of success. So, you have no choice but to apply in January – and you’re committed to win. There’s no time left for bad decisions. Given the need to be and do your best, you would benefit immensely by engaging an experienced, professional admissions consultant who can cut to the chase, ask the tough questions and help you craft authentic, convincing answers.

3. You’re decisive and determined.

With a narrowing window in which to complete your campaign, you can’t waste precious days pondering endless alternatives. So, it’s essential to harness that energy in a methodical, linear campaign that makes the highest use of your time. Engaging a professional admissions consultant with a proven, customized process can provide the direction and discipline that your candidacy needs. Completing each element of the application with maximum efficiency and quality is a must.

So, Round 2 MBA applicants, as January deadlines approach, keep your eye on the prize! The last lap in a competitive marathon becomes a high-stakes sprint for those who really want to win. Don’t waste valuable time and energy looking over your shoulder. Capitalize on the core traits that can now be your competitive advantages on the track to a top business school!