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Just Admitted to B-school? Next Big Hurdle: Getting a Great MBA Summer Internship

May 24 2011 By The MBA Exchange
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If you’re going to enroll in business school in Fall 2011, the fierce competition for a plum summer internship has surely crossed your mind. Good thing, because the time to get started is now.

The challenges that MBA students face in landing their ideal summer internship can be quite intimidating:

1. Determining the industry and companies that will value your past education and work experience as well as your post-MBA potential and interests — especially tough for career changers.

2. Mitigating the vulnerabilities in your academic or professional profile that could limit your chances for an offer.

3. Winning against other internship candidates who have stronger credentials or simply started the process earlier than you.

4. Getting attention and support from busy second-year students, alumni or career services professionals who have other priorities.

Given the investment that you’re making in your MBA education, these challenges must be anticipated and overcome. Build an action plan now — before you matriculate — to gain a competitive edge on well-qualified classmates and peers from other schools who want those same opportunities.

Our MBA Internship Readiness Consultation starts with an assessment of your resume and background, then provides guidance and advice for doing research, networking, and experience-building before your classes start. We then help you ID resources at your school and provide you with a final, actionable plan.

Leverage your “Before B-School” time to maximize the chances for landing an internship that could pave your way to a fulfilling post-MBA future.

Next step? Request a free, confidential evaluation of your MBA internship readiness for securing your most desired internship. There’s absolutely no cost or obligation. So, please introduce yourself to The MBA Exchange today.