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Gift Wrap Your MBA Candidacy During the Holidays

December 8 2016 By The MBA Exchange
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It’s December! Most people treat the final weeks of the year as “down time” — a chance to kick back, chill out, relax, shop and socialize. However, if a future MBA education is high on your wish list, then the holiday season represents a golden opportunity to strengthen your candidacy and improve your chances for admission. Here are a few seasonal suggestions from The MBA Exchange to pursue while you’re decking the halls:

1. Network with influencers.
When you attend holiday gatherings, be sure to mention to others that you’re planning to pursue an MBA. You may be surprised to learn that they know students and/or alumni from the programs you’re targeting and can make introductions for you.
2. Research target schools.
While surfing the web, rather than just building your wish list on Amazon or binge viewing on Netflix, spend some time on the websites of the MBA programs that you’re considering so you can get up to speed on their latest events and offerings.
3. Strengthen key relationships.
The holiday season is the ideal time to reconnect informally with former employers, mentors, teachers and co-workers to exchange greetings. By mentioning your MBA plans, you may discover and cultivate someone who could be an ideal recommender for your candidacy.
4. Revisit your past.
Chatting with family members and old friends while sitting in front of the fireplace is a wonderful opportunity to have them remind you about the pivotal moments of your life when you learned about or demonstrated core attributes that are valued highly by business schools.

5. Update your public profile.

Without the pressure and demands you face during the rest of the year, seize this time to refine your resume and tweak your LinkedIn and Facebook pages. And make sure your online presence is squeaky clean by getting an expert audit of your social media profile.

6. Make some MBA-related resolutions.

As you make promises and set priorities for the new year, include specific steps you’re going to take to improve your professional, personal and academic profiles. Not sure where to focus? Start with a free, expert evaluation of your candidacy that identifies core strengths and weaknesses.
Before you say “Bah Humbug,” we strongly believe that you should have fun and thoroughly enjoy the season. This is an occasion for you to refresh and renew, especially since applying to business school can be exhausting. However, if your year-end plans and activities include the above suggestions, then you’ll increase the likelihood of having something extra special to celebrate at this time next year – acceptance to your dream business school!
Happy Holidays to current and future MBA applicants from The MBA Exchange!