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4 timely tips before you submit your MBA application

December 29 2016 By The MBA Exchange
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If you have the patience and determination to take a few extra steps before you click the mouse, you may be able to significantly improve your chances for admission.

With that in mind, here are 4 timely tips from The MBA Exchange for serious b-school candidates to consider before they put their fate in the hands of the admissions committee:

1. Consider your underlying profile – professional, academic and personal
Even the most beautifully written, grammatically perfect application can be rejected if the applicant’s background falls short of adcom expectations. If your work experience, undergraduate transcript, or non-work activities are modest, you need to know that before the schools does. Better yet, you can determine your weak points even before you prepare your application by getting a free, expert evaluation.2. Convey thoughts & feelings as well as qualifications & accomplishments
Essays provide a “window” into the applicant’s past, present and future. If all that your application does is present a narrative version of your credentials and achievements, then you’re not going to win the hearts and minds of the admissions committee. They really want to see the person behind the app. And the only way to help them do so is to reveal your ideas, values and emotions along with all the facts and figures.

3. Have your application reviewed by someone who really knows MBA admissions

Every applicant has caring friends, relatives and associates who offer to read their applications and provide feedback and advice. Although you may like, trust and respect those around you, the fact is that – even if they’re MBA grads themselves – these individuals lack the experience, skills and objectivity of a professional admissions consultant. Given the high stakes of applying to b-school, having an expert advisor review your app can be a very wise investment.

4. Find out what the adcom will think of your application – with no risk
Wouldn’t it be great if you could know whether you’ll be “admitted, denied or waitlisted” before you actually send in your app? That way, you’d see in advance what to add, delete or change. Well, such a “preview” can be yours. Within just a few days, you can get a written report from a former MBA admissions officer stating specifically whether he or she would recommend you for admission, rejection or waitlist – and why. That way, you’ll know exactly what to tweak or clarify.

Given the hard work and high expectations you’ve invested in your admissions campaign, it may feel painful to pause before you apply. But if you can take the time to follow our 4 tips, you’ll not only improve the likelihood of a positive result but you’ll also have far greater confidence and peace of mind over the next several weeks while waiting to hear back from the schools.