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Part 2: 7 Problems to fix Before You Apply to Business School

April 25 2017 By The MBA Exchange
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In Part 1 of this blog series, The MBA Exchange encouraged serious candidates to ask themselves: “Is my candidacy strong enough to earn admission?” For those who couldn’t answer in the affirmative, we identified four specific issues that can constrain the pursuit of a seat at a top b-school.

Today, in Part 2, we focus on three additional problems that should be considered and resolved prior to preparing an MBA application:

5. No active involvement in a nonprofit
B-schools want well-rounded candidates who do more than just “work hard, play hard.” Applicants who can show that they truly care about others and give back to the community and world around them — ideally through a leadership role – will score valuable points with the adcoms. (Besides that, it feels good to help others!) So, reach out and make a positive difference through a civic, community, charitable, arts, cultural, etc., organization.
6. Exposure to only your own culture.
Every top MBA program places emphasis on diversity, inclusiveness and globality when building a cohort. If your personal, professional and academic background is limited to one culture and demographic, then your application may convey that you have a narrow perspective on the world and may even have difficulty engaging with MBA classmates from different backgrounds. Even if your job is local, and even if you don’t have the time or budget for international travel, there are events, organizations and individuals in your city that offer the chance to interact, learn and grow from others.
7. Post-MBA career goal that is vague and disconnected.
Although business schools know that most applicants are uncertain about what they will do following graduation, you need to present a credible, hypothetical goal that helps explain why you want an MBA. Otherwise, the adcom may fear that, if admitted, you will vacillate when choosing elective classes, selecting student clubs, signing up for recruiter presentations, pursuing a summer internship or, worst of all, getting hired after graduation. So, take a step back, dream big, and describe what you see.

From helping thousands of past MBA applicants overcome these hurdles and achieve admission, The MBA Exchange knows that resolving such issues is important… and essential. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed right now, consider how working with an experienced MBA grad or former admissions officer could be beneficial. By strengthening your candidacy before preparing applications, you’ll bolster your content and elevate your confidence. If you’re not sure what to do first, we invite you to request a free, expert evaluation of your strengths and vulnerabilities. With a good road map, your journey to b-school admission will be far more productive and much less stressful.