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What’s the First Step in Applying to Business School?

May 9 2017 By The MBA Exchange
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Assuming that your qualifications align with the requirements of the MBA programs you’re targeting, the first step should be to determine if you are actually competitive for admission.

Start by comparing your basic credentials (i.e., GPA, GMAT or GRE, years of work experience) with those in the current class profile (easily found on the school’s website). If your stats are within the “middle 80%” of admits, then the MBA admissions staff is likely to give your application a hard look.

However, also be sure to consider your potential for improvement. There are untapped abilities you can feature, latent weaknesses you can reverse, and post-MBA aspirations you can present that will make you even more competitive.

For most applicants, the best way to get a clear picture of themselves is through a free evaluation from a professional admissions consulting firm such as The MBA Exchange. We’ve worked with almost 5,000 individuals over the past two decades, including some with profiles like yours who were ultimately admitted to — or rejected by — the same programs. By tapping into such expertise and experience, you can boost your candidacy, fine tune your target list, and increase your chances for admission.

By taking the right first step, serious MBA applicants usually find that their subsequent steps are more efficient, effective, confident and successful.