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What does your college transcript reveal to business schools?

June 20 2017 By The MBA Exchange
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If you believe that your undergraduate transcript is merely an official documentation of prior academic results and proof of college graduation, then you’re underestimating the true significance to your MBA candidacy.

In reality, a college transcript is a window into the applicant’s intellect, mindset and behavior. Based on our experiences advising nearly 5,000 b-school applicants, The MBA Exchange understands that presenting college transcripts in context are an incredibly important component of a business school application that reveals:

• Resiliency in bouncing back from a sub-par grade by retaking and acing the same course.
• Developing strength in intellectual vitality and study habits by seeing an upward GPA trend from freshman to senior year.
• Breadth of interests according to elective classes taken outside of the academic major.
• Quantitative and analytical rigor of courses taken and strength of respective grades.
• Cultural awareness reflected in courses that focus on different geographic regions.
• Self-confidence according to the quantitative or technical rigor of non-required courses.
• Personal adversity, such as family or health issues, that impacted performance.
• Passion for learning based on the number of credit hours completed beyond graduation requirements.So, if you have any doubts or concerns about how b-school admissions officers will view your college transcript, the sooner you can address any issues, the better your chances will be for success. That’s why a review the transcript is an early and essential step in our Comprehensive Consultation. An imperfect transcript does not have to mean “game over” for an MBA candidate. Engaging the services of an experienced professional advisor can help you understand the implications, take appropriate corrective actions, and tell your story to adcoms with clarity, confidence and authenticity.