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New MBA Admits: Sorry, But It’s Not Over Yet

January 2 2018 By The MBA Exchange
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Wow! It feels wonderful to have finally received that offer of admission from your dream business school. The compelling application you crafted, the glowing recommendations you solicited, and the stressful interview you aced are all behind you. Your family, friends and associates are all so impressed, excited and happy for you. Finally, you can celebrate and relax as visions of an MBA education dance in your head. Having helped thousands of applicants achieve this milestone, The MBA Exchange knows exactly how euphoric you feel! But hold on for a just a moment. Is this process actually over once you receive an official offer of admission? Not really. You still have some important topics to consider, actions to take, and decisions to make before this is truly a done deal:
1. Merit-based Financial Aid Did the b-school acceptance notification include any mention of a scholarship, fellowship or grant? Even if it did, is the dollar amount as substantial as it could be? Did any other school — even if not your top choice — offer merit-based aid you could use to negotiate with your dream school? Making smart decisions and communicating strategically could potentially save you thousands of dollars in tuition expense. So, if you want to maximize your chances for substantial, merit-based financial aid, talk with a subject-matter expert and pursue a customized game plan.
2. Background Verification Enrollment at most business schools is contingent upon passing a thorough background verification process. This investigation is typically done by a third-party firm that specializes in finding gaps, errors, exaggerations and disconnects in an admit’s professional, personal and academic backgrounds. So, think hard. Is there anything in your application or candidacy that you feel could be a red flag? Anything that might catch the eye of an investigator and prompt a tough question about your experience, credentials, claims or qualifications? If you’re feeling any queasiness or doubt, consider speaking with an expert in background verification support about how to pre-empt the issues and respond to questions. The potential penalty (i.e., withdrawal of admission) is too severe to leave this important matter to chance.
3. Post-MBA Career Planning It’s likely that your b-school application included some description of your near- and long-term career goals. While there’s no formal commitment to actually follow that path upon graduation, most applicants have some idea of what they’d like to do, which industries are most appealing, and which companies are likely targets. Now that you’ve been offered admission, how confident and comfortable do you feel regarding your current career plan? Is it a reasonable, attainable objective with the duties and rewards you expect? Your answers to those questions will impact your b-school education starting immediately upon matriculation. The recruiting events and conferences you attend, the campus clubs you join, the classmates you approach, and the faculty and alumni mentors you cultivate should all align with adding value to your post-MBA career goals. Even if you currently feel 100% certain about what you want to do and where you want to work after b-school, discussing and refining your vision with an experienced career advisor now will prove valuable. By all means, keep celebrating your MBA admissions success! This is a major milestone you’ll never forget. However, as you enjoy the moment, also think about the 3 topics above and take smart steps to ensure your upcoming education lives up to your highest expectations!