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Cool Clubs, Part 1: Where MBAs create, learn and bond beyond the classroom

July 17 2011 By The MBA Exchange
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Because growth happens inside and outside of the classroom, and because your interest in a subject deepens when you actively engage in it, the MBA experience is elevated and enhanced when you pursue organized club activities. We’ve looked at some of the coolest clubs offered at top MBA programs and are highlighting them in a series of blogs.

Harvard Business School

Ideas@Work: this non-partisan community of HBS students explores political and economic ideas “that promote human flourishing. Their principles are three-fold: individual liberty, limited government, and free markets.” Just don’t call them Young Libertarians.

B-School Blades: Where enthusiasm matters as much as talent! Hockey players of all skill levels compete, improve and enjoy weekly practices as well as games and tourneys (including the Dartmouth Tournament), playing “the sport we love.” Monthly gatherings including NHL Bruins games. “Check” it out, eh?


Yoga & Wellness Club: join this club to find balance within the modern MBA experience through yoga and wellness-related resources “within the Wharton yogasphere.” The perfect way to earn your “Om-BA” degree.

Rebuilding Together: the largest community service organization on campus! Members — undergrad and grad students, faculty and administration — work together, first behind the scenes to identify local, low-income homeowners then in the field help rehab their homes very spring. That’s what we call “giving back” on a grand scale.

Chocolate Club: is a description really needed? Well, you might not anticipate that this club does more than eat. They explore chocolate from many angles — from harvesting in Africa, to production in Switzerland, to consumption and multiple tastings in club members’ homes. The list of events includes: chocolate movie nights, recipes and lessons, “Best of Philly” rankings including a chocolate map, and member-only tastings at local venues. Hmmm… wonder if these Chocoholics ever have mixers with the Yoga & Wellness Club. Just askin’.

Wharton Wings: we love this club’s mission statement, which includes, “the thrill of taking flight is uniquely relevant to MBA students, since the years they spend at Wharton will fundamentally expand their professional and aspirational horizons.” From introductory flights for novices, to speakers series, to trips to local airports and events centered around the aerospace industry, this club is a great resource for students interested in careers related to aerospace and defense. And perhaps for those whose “bucket list” includes skydiving.

Stanford GSB

GSB Dogs: for GSB dogs, dog owners, and dog lovers! From finding dog-sitters to quarterly off-leash dog parties that allow members to meet the “dogs behind the students.” B.Y.O. Alpo.

Epicureans @ the GSB: “Themed” dinners with six to eight students, faculty, or other interesting Silicon Valley residents. Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate the cultures of your classmates while indulging in the edible wonders of Cali cuisine. More sprouts and avocado, anyone?

I Have a Dream (IHAD): Over a decade ago, IHAD was formed as a mentoring and tutoring program for young students in East Palo Alto. The tradition has deepened and continued; one class of students is “adopted” and followed through high school graduation. “Paying it forward” is more than a cliché with these dedicated future MBAs.

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