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Learn to think like an MBA before attending b-school

September 12 2011 By The MBA Exchange
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The MBA Exchange has established strategic alliances with a number of service providers who complement our MBA admissions consulting work. We’re pleased to highlight these firms and their capabilities.

Developed by Harvard Business School graduates, The MBA IQ is a comprehensive online course that enables individuals to “master the MBA lexicon.” This breakthrough learning program covers the following 12 modules: • General Management, Leadership, and Strategy • Operations Management • Marketing Management • Quality and Process Management • Human Resources Management • Accounting • Finance • Information Technology • Corporate Control, Law, Ethics, and Governance • International Business • Project Management • Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics

The MBA IQ platform integrates online content with a printed workbook. Because learning styles are individualized, so is The MBA IQ approach, which employs reading assignments, E-flashcards, quizzes and self-assessments. Completion takes approximately 8-12 hours/week, with total flexibility regarding when and where you study.

Whether you’re planning to apply to a top business school or were recently admitted for enrollment, this program is for you. Designed for individuals from a range of ages, functions and industries, the course is relevant for anyone looking to develop his or her business acumen, at various stages of personal and professional growth: • Are you college-age? Maybe you have a liberal arts, engineering or other-non business background and want to build your business knowledge to help secure a better job and pave the way for a future MBA. Use The MBA IQ to prepare yourself in all core areas of business. • Already a working professional? If you’re a manager or an employee who wants to build an actionable development plan for work or a future MBA, you can assess your knowledge with The MBA IQ – on either a one-time or an ongoing basis. • Do you have a non-traditional background (e.g., military or NGO) and are preparing for a move to the private sector and/or graduate business education? Use The MBA IQ to strengthen your business knowledge base and ensure that you hit the ground running. Upon completion of The MBA IQ course, you’ll receive a “Knowledge Transcript” documenting your expanded business understanding. So, when you apply to b-school, just provide this transcript to the admissions committee as evidence of your academic readiness for the MBA classroom. The MBA IQ is a one-of-a-kind resource. As CEO Devi Vallabhaneni explains, “There’s really no comprehensive tool other than The MBA IQ for business school readiness or preparation. No other offerings provide the same academic rigor, support or ease of use.” Furthermore, programs like MBA boot camps or “Mini-MBA’s” typically are priced much higher than the current $195 fee for The MBA IQ. Why get less and pay more?

Investing in yourself before launching your MBA education just makes good business sense. The MBA IQ can improve your chances for admission and your preparation for classroom success.

The MBA Exchange encourages its clients to strengthen their academic and professional profile with The MBA IQ. Take the quick, free “MBA Management IQ Assessment” right now to gauge your current business knowledge. Visit to take the assessment, preview The MBA IQ Course features and functionality, and contact The MBA IQ Team to schedule a free personal consultation.