9 strengths that make an MBA candidacy special

When it comes to assessing business school applicants, there are a number of factors that influence admissions decisions. The list starts with the quantitative and verbal skills necessary to complete a rigorous curriculum. However, that’s just “table stakes.”

When evaluating MBA applications, reading third-party recommendations, and interviewing candidates, admissions officers drill much deeper in search of other traits that make a particular applicant more promising than others who share the same basic qualifications.

The descriptive jargon differs by school, but when building a new MBA class, most adcoms seek individuals who demonstrate these additional strengths:

1. Intellectual curiosity. Asking yourself “why” and then finding the answer.

2. Diverse perspective. Seeking, respecting and considering other viewpoints.

3. Unwavering self-awareness. Observing and remembering why you act as you do.

4. Resilience after failure. Turning each defeat into an opportunity for success.

5. Decisiveness under pressure. Making tough calls despite risk and uncertainty.

6. Continuous learning. Absorbing and organizing key lessons for future use.

7. Managed sense of humor. Knowing the right time and place for a shared laugh.

8. Empathy for others. Considering how your actions impact various stakeholders.

9. Anticipatory radar. Sensing and validating threats and opportunities before others.

Having worked with more than 5,000 MBA applicants over the past three decades, The MBA Exchange has helped a wide range of candidates strengthen and present these traits when pursuing admission to highly selective business schools. In fact, our service model begins with a guided process of discovery that typically surprises and energizes the client. Yes, some cases require more digging and polishing than others, but – as proven by our CPA-reported success rate – serious MBA applicants can dramatically improve their competitiveness and thus their chances for admission.

It all starts by requesting a free, expert evaluation of your professional, academic and personal profiles. We encourage you to find out how special your MBA candidacy can become.