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Try to take this in: for over 800 years, Oxford has been in the business of education. This storied institution counts among its graduates A.A. Milne, Stephen Hawking, Indira Gandhi, and six kings. At just over a decade old, the Saïd Business School is one of Europe’s newest and most entrepreneurial b-schools – a forward-thinking place that honors the tradition of its home university.

Over the course of twelve months, students at Saïd engage in an intensive series of lectures and seminars, intensive small group and team projects that literally take them around the world. At the core is preparing students with a broad, theoretical foundation of knowledge. On top of this – over three terms named the very archaic and lovely “Michaelmas”, “Hilary” and “Trinity” – students increasingly are afforded more flexibility. The required entrepreneurship project at the start of Hilary Term and required Summer Option optimizes flexibility. Electives at Saïd are very broad and all are taught by industry practitioners, melding new research with real-world application. Upon graduation, our clients find that having the stamp of “Oxford” on their MBA truly does open doors.

And let’s face it: Oxford is the ultimate college town. Truly, too much cannot be said about the amazing experience of being an Oxonian. Life here affords you the singular experience of living and learning in an ancient place – spires rise throughout town and Britain’s oldest museum, the Ashmolean is here – where the modern world is equally at home. There are growing numbers of high-tech companies setting up shop here. London is just a short train ride away, but there is certainly plenty to keep you busy right in Oxford. Inter-collegiate activities afford Oxford MBA students access to the University’s 44 colleges and halls. Whether you are attending a concert in a quaint chapels, a rowing competition along the Thames, taking up the bat in a cricket match, or imbibing a pint of bitters at the Eagle and the Child – the pub where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien famously met to discuss their creative literary endeavors – your Oxford MBA experience will be a life-changing one. Find out more by checking out student blogs; these reflect the diversity of Oxford MBA students and the wide range of their experiences.

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