Not Quite Successful Entrepreneur Earns Deferred Admission

Not Quite Successful Entrepreneur Earns Deferred Admission


Getting into a deferred admission program is hard. Applying to business school from the hyper competitive Indian computer science demographic is also hard. Now imagine you’re aiming for only the very best U.S. B-schools… the chances of success in this scenario are miniscule. Our client, however, was willing to take on the challenge. She was an entrepreneur at heart, but despite her entrepreneurial spirit, she had yet to see success in her startups. The challenge was to prove her worth based on her skills and personal qualities, not on the performance of her startups.

740 GMAT Score
Undergrad Resume Indian undergraduate in CS; Failed startup founder; Failed startup founder (again); Successful startup founder

The Situation

This applicant was a talented computer scientist who had shown impressive leadership within university student groups. She had organized significant conferences and won notable coding competitions. Despite these accomplishments, her professional experience was limited to her role as the founder of three startups, none of which had seen significant success. Two were already defunct, but one was still slowly growing. The challenge was to present her academic and entrepreneurial experiences in a way that would impress the admissions committee, which would be comparing her application to those of other candidates with more substantial real-world experience.

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Our Solution.

We chose to focus on her active startup, although it was still small with modest revenue. We delved into her role as a leader within this startup and in doing so, uncovered a leader who was not only intelligent but also thoughtful, with a compelling vision for her company's future. We incorporated this vision into her long-term goals and encouraged her to research her future market extensively. This approach resulted in a compelling narrative for a budding company that had potential for growth. By painting a vivid picture of her plans for the future, we added weight to her achievements to date. The result? This applicant earned deferred admission at Booth.

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