Michele Shen

An MBA graduate of the New York University Stern School of Business, Ms. Shen specialized in marketing, strategy, and EMT (entertainment media, and technology). At Stern, she interacted directly with admissions staff and prospective students in the evaluation process supporting the Torch Committee. She has advised a variety of business school applicants since 2010. Ms. Shen’s professional background includes product marketing, digital marketing and brand strategy, working with leading companies such as Yahoo!, DirecTV, Toyota, Neutrogena, Omnicom and Samsung. She has worked closely with companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and Twitter. She has experience in start-ups, large and small, focused on ad technology and emerging media (i.e., mobile, social, video, connected TV). Ms. Shen earned a bachelor’s degree from UCLA with a double major in communication studies and sociology, and is fluent in Mandarin.