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“Helping worthy candidates sound as great as they are!”

February 26 2019 By The MBA Exchange
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Meet our stellar MBA essay editor Karen!

Over the past three decades, The MBA Exchange has advised more than 5,000 business school applicants worldwide. A key element of our consulting services is helping candidates refine the essays that MBA admissions gatekeepers use to decide who advances in their decision process.

After the lead consultant and client concur on relevant topics, powerful examples, and core structure for a set of essays, one of our professional editors reviews the applicant’s narrative draft and proposes ways to improve differentiation, clarity and impact. In every essay, the applicant’s voice and persona must ring true – without exception. This requires editing expertise, sensitivity and dedication. A skilled editor embodies these strengths while contributing a perspective that complements, rather than duplicates, that of the admissions consultant.

Only a few admissions consulting firms offer clients the extra value of a professional essay editor. At The MBA Exchange, we have a team of talented editors including Karen. Since joining The MBA Exchange in 2003, her clients have consistently and enthusiastically applauded her insightful and actionable support. Karen’s answers to the following questions reveal the passion and devotion she brings to every set of essays:

Here’s what Karen says to serious MBA candidates…

1. What previous academic background, professional experience and/or personal background has best prepared you for this work?
“In college and grad school I studied liberal arts, with an undergrad music major. I learned editing on the job thanks to a good mentor. When reading Prof. Bernard Williams’ book, Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy, I gained insight into syntax and was fascinated by it. I learned to expand my sentence variety through an excellent Teaching Company course on sentences. As a liberal arts aficionado, I read widely and am currently writing my second book. As a musical person, I listen to the sound of the writing to strive for the best flow. I love words and believe the English language can be beautiful.”

2. What is your greatest satisfaction in helping MBA Exchange clients succeed?
“Helping worthy candidates sound as great as they are!”

3. What three words best describe your mindset and approach to essay editing?
“Concision. Syntax. Flow.”

4. If you were to give one piece of actionable advice to applicants writing their admissions essays, what would it be? (One sentence)
“The best essays I’ve seen display a candidate’s strength of character, courageous self-disclosure, concern for others, and intense sense of purpose.”

If you’re an MBA candidate who intends to produce great essays, consider the benefits of working with our powerhouse editor Karen and The MBA Exchange.

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