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Is your MBA Application “Finally Finished” or “Just Fine…”?

December 29 2020 By The MBA Exchange
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You’ve devoted countless hours to tweaking your resume, pondering the short questions, crafting your essays through dozens (if not hundreds) of iterations.

You’ve had parents, siblings and co-workers review your entire application to see if they can spot any glitches, mistakes or disconnects. Even if they’ve all assured you it’s a masterpiece, how can you be certain your application is finally FINISHED and submission worthy?

Here are four timely tips worth considering when you think you’re ready to click that submit button:

  1. Reread your short answers and essays out loud. This helps catch small mistakes in syntax or grammar that spell-check may have missed.
  2. Have a close friend read your essays to confirm that the content really sounds like you. Not too arrogant, not too humble…authentic!
  3. Double check to be sure that you haven’t used the name of a different school in your application. (Trust us, it happens!)
  4. Have an expert analyze your application from an admissions committee perspective. That’s exactly why The MBA Exchange has the MyAdcom Application Review™ service. In just 2 or 3 days, you can have one of our admissions experts dig into your content, spot major gaps or minor flaws that others have missed, and provide you with actionable advice on how to take your app from “fine” to “FINISHED!” from the perspective of the admissions office.

    Whether you’ve developed the application on your own or with the support of an advisor, taking this small step now could make a big difference in your outcome. Why just hope for the best when your application can become its best?