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Is your MBA application ready to submit? Really?

September 27 2018 By The MBA Exchange
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You’ve spent weeks – if not months – drafting and crafting, polishing and perfecting, twisting and tweaking your business school application. You’re so tempted to submit it today, but you have a lingering sense there’s something potentially wrong, incomplete or missing that might cause the admissions committee to deny you.

So, you lay awake at night, wondering, worrying, pondering, maybe even obsessing, “Is my resume clear and correct? Are my short answers consistent? Are my essays compelling? Is this is the best app I can submit? Will the adcom like what they see?”

Could you feel more confident if your application was reviewed and critiqued by an experienced MBA admissions consultant? If so, consider getting an AppCheck™ review. An expert admissions consultant from The MBA Exchange will analyze your application materials (including recommendations if you have drafts) and share constructive, actionable, written feedback and light editing in one iteration within two days so you can make any improvements and submit your very best application.

Or you can choose a MyAdcom™ review. You’ll work directly with a former MBA admissions officer from a highly selective business school. He or she will review your entire application (including recommendations if you have draft copies) as if considering your candidacy for admissions, and send you overall impressions from an adcom perspective. You can then have a one-hour phone or video chat with him or her to address any additional questions.

So, rather than toss and turn (again) tonight, partner with The MBA Exchange to help ensure a great application – and a good night’s sleep.