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No Shortcuts, Back Doors, or Secret Entrances to MBA Admission

March 19 2019 By The MBA Exchange
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Regardless of what you may hear or read, there’s only one way to get admitted to business school – earn it. And if you ever encounter someone who tells you differently, run – don’t walk – in the opposite direction as fast as you can.

Compared to the undergraduate admissions process at most colleges, graduate schools of business engage with their applicants more directly and deeply. MBA adcoms have zero contact or communication with parents, coaches, counselors or other third parties (beyond official recommenders). Furthermore, top b-schools require a rigorous 1-on-1 admissions interview and can initiate a thorough background check prior to matriculation.

Admits to MBA programs must document academic, professional and personal strengths and potential that satisfy the target school’s high standards. In addition, such candidates provide compelling evidence of the tangible value they offer to future classmates, employers, alumni, and society in general.

Yes, that’s a lofty bar, beyond the reach of most. But it’s this high degree of scrutiny that helps make being admitted and earning an MBA degree so valuable – and so coveted.

The sooner MBA applicants understand their true qualifications and competitiveness, the more confidently they can choose which schools to target, and then start optimizing their candidacies. An objective assessment of your background is available now, from MBA admissions experts, at no cost or obligation. With three decades of success in advising over 5,000 applicants, The MBA Exchange is eager to help ethical candidates pursue – and earn – admission to their dream business school.