Not Attending Business School is a Decision

You’ve thought about it for at least a year, maybe longer. You’ve written a list of pros and cons, perhaps even started to research various schools. You’ve updated your resume and considered possible recommenders. But for some reason, you still haven’t committed to pursuing an MBA.

By continuing to ponder the possibilities rather than take action, you have made a decision. In fact, you’ve made several decisions.

You’ve decided that your current professional knowledge, perspective and network are sufficient for your success.

You’ve decided that you can accomplish your near- and long-term career goals without an MBA degree.

You’ve decided to take your chances in the marketplace in terms of future promotions, raises and job offers.

You’ve decided that your peers who are currently enrolled in business school are probably wasting their time and money as MBA students.

However, as you read and reflect on this blog post, perhaps you’re discovering some new thoughts and feelings about whether to get an MBA. Maybe there are valuable resources at b-school that would increase your chances for career success. Maybe you could set and achieve even loftier goals. Maybe you could become even more competitive for bigger jobs and higher compensation. Maybe others like you who are now attending top b-schools made a very wise choice by enrolling.

When it comes to an MBA education, you’re facing an important decision – whether or not to enroll. But the good news is that you don’t have to make a final decision today. Unless and until you actually get offered admission to a business school of your choice, your options are wide open. Only by being invited to enroll does enrollment become a viable option. Only by applying successfully will you have a real choice to make.

A free, fast and easy next step is to request an expert evaluation by The MBA Exchange of your potential for b-school admission. Just give us the basics about your background and goals. We’ll promptly assess your strengths and vulnerabilities. Over the past three decades, we’ve evaluated approximately 50,000 potential applicants, helping each one see how strong an MBA applicant he or she could be.

Our objective feedback will help you get closer to making a confident, intelligent, fact-based decision about whether to earn an MBA degree – a decision that will change your life.