M B A Exchange, Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Educational Consultant in Highland Park, IL

Our Mission

We were founded in 1996. Do the math: that’s a lot of admissions cycles under our belts. We can also say, candidly, that while the competition has only increased over time, the fundamental goal remains largely unchanged: convince the admissions committees that you are better qualified, more motivated and more valuable than the individuals competing against you for a seat.

Easier said than done. Trust us, we get it.

When you reach a certain age, you get to add one crucial dimension to your arsenal of weaponry: context. The same holds true for an admissions consulting firm. We know how valuable context can be to proper analysis, and so, we treasure it. We cultivate it. We harness it through internal discussions and training into an ever-improving service that results in the best possible one-on-one mentorship experience in the world of MBA admissions consulting.

This is not common in the industry. Investing on internal resources does not have a direct ROI. Fine. We invest in ongoing education internally aggressively because winning battles alongside individual clients is what drives us. So, we make sure we’re best-in-class in that endeavor, whatever it takes.

We are results- and value-oriented, before, during, and after you apply to business school. Our core values include integrity, candor and responsiveness. When you work with The MBA Exchange, you get not just our time, but a deep commitment to fulfilling the highest professional standards. No frills, no fake charm, no pricing gimmicks, just the work. 

If the idea of a laser-focused company dead set on your success sounds appealing, you’re welcome to head here for a free, expert evaluation of your candidacy today.