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Part Three (of Three): 21 Top Reasons NOT to Apply to Business School This Year

July 9 2019 By The MBA Exchange
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Have you already read Part One and Part Two of this blog series? Are you unconvinced and still waiting to start your MBA admissions campaign? Having provided free personalized evaluations for more than 25,000 potential MBA applicants over the past three decades, The MBA Exchange has heard almost every reason to procrastinate! In fact, there are so many it’s taking three blog posts for us to summarize and address them.

Here are the final 7 reasons in our full list of 21, along with comments and advice for your consideration…

15. I’m too young for an MBA, so I’ll apply when I have more work experience.
Although the average full-time MBA student is around 27 years old, the age range for admits starts at 22. Even if you’re a college senior, some top business schools welcome you to apply through their “deferred admissions” process. So, don’t just assume MBA adcoms will think you’re “too young.”

16. I’m too old for an MBA, so unfortunately I’ve missed my chance to attend.
It’s not unusual for a full-time MBA program to have some students in their late 30s or even 40s. Adcoms value the maturity and wisdom that a more experienced student brings to the classroom. But, if you’re still not comfortable at this age, consider getting an Executive MBA.

17. My employer will be so angry if they find out I’m applying to b-school.
Yes, it can feel risky to let your boss know you’re even considering an MBA. The good news is that b-schools understand this reality. So, to safeguard confidentiality, adcoms communicate with only the applicant. And they will accept recommendations from outside your company.

18. I don’t have an undergraduate diploma, so I don’t even qualify for admission.
This is not necessarily true. Regardless of their official admission requirements, many top business schools can and do admit highly accomplished applicants who lack undergrad diplomas. How do we know? The MBA Exchange has helped 6 non-degreed applicants get into top-15 b-schools!

19. My family and friends don’t think it’s a good idea for me to get an MBA.
Encouragement from others is appreciated by every MBA candidate. However, some of the individuals who care most about you may not fully grasp the rewards of attending business school. And some non-MBAs may discourage you because they’re jealous of your desire to learn, grow and succeed.

20. My profile is so common, I don’t think I’d stand out compared to others.
If your professional, personal and academic history feels undifferentiated, that just means you have not dug deep enough yet. By answering tough questions about your past and present, you can find the gold. And by adding a powerful post-MBA career goal, your candidacy becomes unique.

21. Acceptance rates at the top schools are so low I’d probably be rejected.
Yes, the most selective MBA programs admit only a fraction of their applicant pool. However, if you have a competitive GPA and test score, your chances improve automatically. And if you present an authentic, compelling candidacy, MBA admission can become a probability for you.

Do any of these reasons look familiar? If not, please see Part One and Part Two of this series in which we address 14 other excuses for NOT applying to business school this year.

If our observations have helped you decide to launch your MBA admissions campaign now, we’d love to help you do it right with a comprehensive admissions consultation. Or if you’re still uncertain, please contact us so we can answer your questions or provide a free, expert evaluation of your candidacy. Then you can make a confident – and timely – decision for yourself!