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Part Two: M.B.A. vs J.O.B.? 7 Not-so-good Reasons for Delaying Your B-school Plans

November 20 2019 By The MBA Exchange
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Welcome to Part Two of a two-part blog series that explores seven major reasons to consider pursuing an MBA now.

It’s no secret that the current decline in MBA application volume is due, in great part, to today’s robust economy. Many business professionals simply find it unthinkable to voluntarily leave their jobs in order to attend a full-time MBA program. However, objectively the major reasons for clinging to current employment makes a strong case for at least considering the alternative of pursuing an MBA now.

In Part One we examined three such reasons. Here are four more! Which of these are most significant to you?

4. Growth
Having the opportunity to learn and achieve on a daily basis is incredibly energizing. Stimulating work assignments open your mind and expand your perspective. However, there are also many weeks, even months, when your duties can be relatively mundane, even boring. Compare that to the depth and breadth of an MBA education where, on a daily basis, students are inspired by subject-matter expert faculty, immersed in real-world business issues, produce fact-based action plans, and engage in spirited dialogue with high-energy classmates. In addition, the combination of core and elective courses, team projects, international treks, student competitions and campus clubs ensure an unequalled opportunity for learning and development.

5. Prestige
Working for a well-known, successful company considered to be an industry leader certainly enhances a resume. It also makes one proud to be associated with a brand that’s recognized and respected in your home city or country. Well, regardless of where you work, the odds are that the corporate brand pales in comparison to, say, “Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT, etc.” These institutions are revered worldwide and instill distinction on everyone who has been fortunate enough to attend them. And this distinction goes far beyond making your mom smile or impressing cocktail-party acquaintances. Executive recruiters, investors, lenders, publications, organizations, suppliers, employees and others are likely to view a prestigious MBA brand as a sign of accomplishment, credibility and potential.

6. Security
Believing you’re secure in your employment is essential to health and well-being. You sleep better believing that your employer is stable and your job is safe. Furthermore, such stability and predictability are important considerations when one is contemplating major expenditures, investments and commitments such as getting married, having kids, buying a home, purchasing a car, etc. However, there are scenarios when even the most solid companies can falter or even fail. Recessions happen. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), global recessions occurred in 1975, 1982, 1991 and 2009. To assume that such a calamity won’t happen again during the course of your career is risky at best. More than a few insightful sources anticipate the next major recession will begin as soon as 2020. Adding a top MBA degree can make a professional more likely to endure, or rebound faster from such a downturn.

7. Flexibility
For a working professional in his or her mid-to-late 20s, the future can seem infinite with no sense of urgency to leave work for an MBA. After all, business school will remain an option for years to come, right? Well, remember there’s something called “life” that can alter one’s ability to make big changes and pursue different paths. It might be family obligations, health issues, who knows what. The future is full of unknowns that could make the pursuit of an MBA even less possible and more difficult down the road. The fabled mantra “Carpe Diem” (Seize the Day) is one to consider carefully before postponing an admissions campaign.

If you believe that getting an MBA sooner rather than later is right for you, The MBA Exchange is ready to help you succeed. Our expert team of former admissions officers, admissions committee members and alumni interviewers knows what it takes to win. And our proven, personalized, customized model can help you optimize your candidacy and produce stellar applications. We’ve helped more than 5,000 applicants achieve their goals over the past three decades.
However, if you remain unconvinced that attending business school merits immediate action or even consideration, let’s talk. At the very least, we invite you to get a free, expert evaluation of your background and goals to help you decide whether future MBA admission is a possibility and, if so, how you can make it a possibility when the time feels right.

Carpe Diem!