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Part Two (of Three): 21 Top Reasons NOT to Apply to Business School This Year

June 25 2019 By The MBA Exchange
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Have you already read Part One of this series featuring Reasons 1-7? Do you still prefer to wait rather than pursue MBA admission this year? There are so many reasons to delay – or even skip – business school. Having provided a free personalized evaluation to more than 25,000 potential MBA applicants over the past three decades, The MBA Exchange has heard them all! In fact, there are so many we’re summarizing them in three blog posts.

Here are the next 7 reasons, along with our comments, for your consideration…

8. There’s no rush. I can always apply to business school a few years from now
Yes, many applicants have the flexibility to pursue an MBA program later. But, there’s a “perfect storm” happening now in admissions. Overall application volume is down, and b-schools are competing aggressively for qualified admits to fill their classes. So, applying this year makes good sense.

9. I honestly don’t need an MBA degree to be successful in my career
Yes, your current role, company and industry may not require a b-school education. However, earning an MBA could distinguish you in ways that make you even more successful. And if there’s any chance you’ll change careers in the future, this education could be your “golden ticket.”

10. There are so many business schools that I can’t choose which one is for me
Yes, with more than 850 accredited MBA programs available, building a target list can feel overwhelming! But once you consider your qualifications, goals, and interests, the number of possibilities drops rapidly. If you feel lost, an admissions consultant can help you navigate.

11. My college grades, GMAT or GRE are below average for admitted applicants
Yes, it’s great to have stellar academic stats. However, MBA admissions officers consider all aspects of a candidacy – professional, personal and academic – before making a final decision. An expert admissions consultant can suggest ways to help you mitigate sub-par grades and scores.

12. I’m so busy with work that I don’t have any organizational leadership activities
Yes, this is understandable. Business schools love “overachievers” who have made measurable impact at work. But that’s not enough for admission to top programs. With creativity and persistence, you can add a non-work leadership role that rounds out your profile and requires less time than you may think.

13. I’m too young to apply, so I’ll just wait until I get more work experience
Yes, if you‘re below the average age of students at your dream b-school, this can feel daunting. However, the range for admits starts younger than many people believe. Some schools accept applications from college seniors! MBA adcoms value achievement and potential more than age.

14. I’m just not “worldly” enough since I’ve never traveled outside the country
Yes, it is challenging to become global if you’re strictly domestic. However, you can gain valuable insights about other countries without getting a passport and boarding a jumbo jet. Most cities have public events and volunteer groups that celebrate various cultures. Just find them and jump in!

Do any of these reasons feel familiar to you? In case we missed your particular issue, watch for Part Three of this blog series in which we’ll present Reasons 15 through 21 for NOT applying to business school this year.

However, if our observations so far have removed the obstacles that have kept you from launching your MBA admissions campaign, we’d love to help you proceed with a comprehensive admissions consultation. Or if you’re still uncertain, contact us so we can answer your questions or provide a free, expert evaluation of your candidacy. Then you can make an informed – and timely – decision for yourself!