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Background Verification Support

CounterCheck™: Background verification support for admitted or concerned MBA applicants

“Stanford instituted rigorous background checks within the past decade… and now all students who are accepted go through some series of verification tests such as confirmation of their employment, education and even anecdotes from essays. In a typical year, the school rescinds offers to between one and three students… Stanford has worked with investigation firms Kroll Inc.and ReVera Services, LLC, and conducts in-house investigations to confirm elements of applications… Columbia has come across inconsistencies on occasion, putting an applicant’s candidacy ‘at least in jeopardy’ and often leading to outright rejection… University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School contracted with ADP Screen and Selection Services in 2002 to vet applications.”
Wall Street Journal blog

“We try to give candidates the benefit of the doubt in the admissions process. However, at the first sign of a ‘red flag,’ we follow up by contacting undergraduate institutions, recommenders, and employers. Any contradictory information results in denied admission.”
— MBA Admissions Director quoted in BusinessWeek.com

You just got admitted to your dream business school—congratulations!  But shortly after you accept their offer, you learn that it’s “conditional” pending a detailed verification of your personal, academic and professional background.  There are questions that you need to answer about job duties and titles, specific employment dates and gaps, salaries and bonuses, equity and stock options, schools attended and grades earned, legal issues, recommenders, community involvement and leadership roles, perhaps even credit history.

Your stomach does back-flips as you realize that the coveted offer of admission – which you worked so hard for, and about which you’re already bragging to friends and family – is not a done deal.

What Happens Next?
Your application will now be scrutinized by a professional verification agency such as Kroll Inc. before you’re cleared to enroll. Top b-schools have been using such services for nearly 15 years.  For most admits, this process is just a formality; but not everyone’s background is easy to explain or verify.  If you’ve worked independently, in start-ups or small companies; worked abroad; have other non-traditional application elements; or just made an honest mistake in your app, there’s important work to do quickly and accurately with no room for error to protect your admit status.

How Can I Prepare?
Our CounterCheck™verification support service helps you navigate the confusing, and often intimidating, process of providing any required documentation and winning approval from verification agencies.  We help you understand the do’s and dont’s, and to prepare and present essential materials.

We advise you on which issues could jeopardize your candidacy and which ones are too minor to mention.  With the personalized insights and hands-on support of an experienced MBA Exchange consultant who went through the verification process and has counseled others, most admitted applicants can proceed confidently, 100% verified, to plan for enrollment.

So, What’s My Next Step?
If you’ve already received an offer of admission – or if you’re anticipating receiving one – but have any concerns about background verification, then we invite you to learn more about CounterCheck.  Don’t wait until you’re contacted by a verification agency with questions.  Contact Us in complete confidence.