Business School Profile: Cornell Johnson

The MBA Exchange features a series of articles showcasing graduate management programs that our thousands of clients have found most rewarding. Our content is compiled from a number of credible sources and articles and expanded with our own observations based on nearly two decades of advising applicants. This profile looks at the Johnson School at Cornell University.

Based in upstate New York, the Johnson School is relatively small and remote, which results in this being an intense but collaborative, friendly and warm environment. Students here receive a foundation in key functional areas of business bolstered by strong analytical and decision-making skills.

Many of our clients are drawn to the Johnson MBA program for its consulting focus, and graduates are actively recruited by top consulting firms. Johnson MBA programs will find the program strong in all management areas, however. Hard and soft skills – from the ability to perform complicated, critical analysis to persuading others and building teams – and excellent leadership are acquired by a rigorous core curriculum. Through the“International Consulting Practicum” Johnson’s Emerging Markets Institute, in students interested in management consulting are gaining valuable project experience and training in “a global arena.”

When it comes to electives, Johnson MBA students have access to nearly 4,000 (yes, we said 4,000!) courses from across all of Cornell University. The famed hotel school there is a popular choice for cross-registration for MBA interest in hospitality careers.

“Performance learning” is central to this program: students apply theory and models to gain intensive, hands-on experience in teamwork, leadership, ethical decision-making, and strategic thinking. Immersions provide students with excellent internship preparation that recruiters know and respect.

Johnson School faculty are notable for the research they contribute to their respective disciplines; many have earned best-paper honors in the top journals in their fields. And at the faculty-run Parker Center for Investment Research and through Entrepreneurship@Johnson, students at Johnson School have front-row access to ground-breaking knowledge creation.

Cornell University is one of the largest Ivy Leagues, and its independent spirit is reflected in its home town, Ithaca, New York. Considered to be one of the most livable places on earth, Ithaca was anointed the “most enlightened town in America” (by the Utne Reader). Social-justice action and community service are woven into the fiber of Ithaca, and Johnson MBA students reflect these values. Clubs at Johnson are all student-driven and range from entrepreneurship to skiing, international affairs to local charity auctions. We consider Cornell’s culture to be a hybrid of Berkeley’s awareness, Tuck’s intimacy, and Kellogg’s camaraderie. The trek to Ithaca for a visit or interview is not easy, especially in winter, but consistently satisfying. Don’t take it from us – check out Johnson student bloggers and learn about their experiences!

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