Business School Profile: Yale School of Management

The MBA Exchange features a series of articles showcasing graduate management programs that our thousands of clients have found most rewarding. Our content is compiled from a number of credible sources and articles and expanded with our own observations based on nearly two decades of advising applicants. This profile looks at the Yale School of Management.

The Yale SOM is unique among top MBA programs for its first-year core curriculum, which does not include traditional disciplines such as finance, accounting and marketing. Instead, this “Integrated” curriculum centers upon a series of nine multidisciplinary courses, Organizational Perspectives. During the second semester of your first year, you can take elective courses in the subjects that most interest you – and you’re not limited to SOM offerings but can opt from a wide range of courses across the famed Yale University.

Another aspect that our clients value about the multidisciplinary nature of this is curriculum is the access to original teaching materials, including a series of online “raw” cases that feature source documents, interviews, and news items. The value of this approach is its authenticity: when you are a manager, this is exactly how you’ll have to source and analyze information to make informed business decisions — and what better time to learn how?

Your Yale SOM cohort will be a culturally and professionally diverse group with ambitious plans. Student life at Yale is similarly varied with student clubs and trips that add life to the campus and depth to the MBA experience. Major conferences each year bring scholars, business leaders, and policy-makers to Yale, affording students with firsthand to influential and inspiring thinkers.

Viewed inaccurately as a “softer” school, Yale administrators, faculty and alumni have worked hard over the years to dispel that myth. This is evidenced by SOM’s climb up the revered global rankings of the Financial Times. We consider Yale to be a blend of the Kellogg team-centric culture along with the social conscience of Berkeley and the prestigious brand of fellow Ivies like Columbia.

New Haven, Connecticut is a lively and diverse city with cultural riches within easy walking distance from campus. There’s a close connection between Yale and its hometown, and students are engaged in strengthening New Haven’s downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. (A great overview can be found at the Office of New Haven and State Affairs.) And for those in need of a big city “fix” on weekends, New York and Boston are both within a couple of hours.

For more information, visit the Yale SOM Community Blog.

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