Business School Profile: NYU Stern

The MBA Exchange features a series of articles showcasing graduate management programs that our thousands of clients have found most rewarding. Our content is compiled from a number of credible sources and articles and expanded with our own observations based on nearly two decades of advising applicants. This features the NYU Stern MBA program.

Student Stories is one of the best places to begin your exploration of the Stern MBA at NYU. We’re always impressed to hear directly from students and graduates like these, and from our own clients, of their experience. We hear that NYU is a blend of Wharton’s financial focus, Chicago’s classroom rigor, and Columbia’s urban edge. The Stern MBA program’s popularity continues to surge perhaps because of its unique combination of four factors.

First is the acknowledgement “emotional intelligence” (EQ). We all know that it takes more than brains to inspire others as a leader, and the Stern MBA welcomes and cultivates individuals who possess intellectual as well as interpersonal strengths. Stern grads re-enter the marketplace ready for whatever life throws at them!

The importance of collaboration is also emphasized at Stern where students not only work together on class projects, but also help prepare each other for job interviews and partner with the school’s leadership to drive new initiatives. How refreshing is that?

Academic excellence is a third key strength at NYU, one of the world’s leading research universities. Sternies are taught by faculty who are globally recognized leaders in their fields – Nobel laureates, authors, entrepreneurs and CEOs — whose ideas and research shape the world of business. These are invaluable contacts who can be lifelong allies and resources.

The full-time MBA program curriculum is impressive in both its focus and its breadth. Don’t miss the informative presentation of Stern’s curriculum that takes (literally!) just five minutes. Opportunities for internships are exceptional here, given the school’s location – a third obvious strength of this program.

Learning happens in the classroom and in the living laboratory of New York City, arguably the business capital of the world. Through access to coveted summer internships – often just a subway ride away – Stern students prepare for specialization in year two, tailoring their studies to specific areas of interest. Then join a 75,000-strong and active alumni network and benefit from career support from the Career Center for Working Professionals. Tough economy? Bring it on!

We mentioned Stern’s amazing location, but it bears repeating. For pursuit of an MBA in today’s world, there might be no better place to study than NYC when it comes to access to thought-leadership and opportunity for post-MBA networking. And the world’s greatest array of culture, cuisines and entertainment options beckons in The Big Apple.

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