Business School Profile: Duke Fuqua

The MBA Exchange features a series of articles showcasing graduate management programs that our thousands of clients have found most rewarding. Our content is compiled from a number of credible sources and articles and expanded with our own observations based on nearly two decades of advising applicants.

The Duke MBA is highly regarded for the breadth and depth of its course content and the strength of its faculty. Dubbed Duke’s Research Advantage, students here are exposed to cutting-edge research and top-flight business leaders. This “advantage” is Fuqua’s commitment to bringing on board faculty members who excel at teaching while maintaining rigorous research programs, enriching Fuqua courses with timely, cutting-edge research content.

Through the first-term Global Institute, Duke MBA students develop collaborative leadership and organizational management skills bolstered by a global outlook then delve into the major functional areas in business. Progressing through the program, students pursue a wide-ranging general management education as they go after their individual goals, taking advantage of interdisciplinary concentrations and certificate opportunities. Our past clients consider Duke to be an amalgam of Kellogg’s highly personal culture, Michigan’s array of academic strengths, and UVA Darden’s southern je ne sais quoi.

Diversity rules at Duke where more than a third of the MBA student body is made up of non-US citizens. Students hail from a wide range of functional, industry and academic backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicities, religious beliefs and sexual orientations. The Duke International Office provides visa application and processing support and International House organizes networking and transition workshops. Special emphasis is made on quality of life for the partners of Duke MBA students through the highly active Fuqua Partners network. Check out the blogspots for EDGE and CASE students, as well as personalized accounts of admissions and first-year experiences.

Duke’s research centers link academic inquiry and business practice, drawing on faculty from across the program and reaching out to include experienced practitioners, and students to address current business problems with rigorous research. The Duke MBA, in the vibrant city of Durham, NC, has the bold ambition to become the world’s most global business school, “based in the economic and cultural hubs of world regions.” And the 200-acre Duke/Fuqua campus in Kunshan, China welcomed its first students in August 2014. Of note, some of our past clients have not raved about the charms of Durham, so this is probably a campus that you’ll want to visit before declaring Duke to be The One. Of course, if you love college basketball, then you’ve found nirvana. Attending even one Blue Devils game at the iconic Cameroon Indoor Stadium with Fuqua classmates could become your most cherished b-school memory.

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