Business School Profile: Western Ontario Ivey

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The only MBA program in Canada that emphasizes the case method of learning, the Richard Ivey School MBA also follows the trademarked “Cross-Enterprise Leadership” (CELapproach that gives students 360-degree business management perspective. Ivey students become and comfortable taking risks; doing so builds extraordinary confidence. Team-based learning is also central to the Ivey MBA, making the composition of classes all the more important. Unique to Ivey is an intensive interview process – a skill that we help our clients to master.

“Action-oriented” also describes this program where students not only learn from decision-makers but become decision-makers themselves, analyzing data, making and defending recommendations and then experiencing the outcomes. Ivey faculty are experts whose collective ability to draw the best from a class is “legendary.” Each year, Ivey faculty write approximately 150 new cases. So, learning from these gurus is a daily adventure. There is an opportunity to experience it firsthand through First Class on the Road, faculty-led case discussions held in cities across Canada in which prospective students are invited to participate alongside other candidates and Ivey alumni.

The Ivey MBA goes beyond the fundamentals to provide opportunities for specialization. Although students learn core business functions, at Ivey you go beyond that and learn how to apply these concepts in the real world.

We hear from our clients that the Ivey community is what sets it apart further. Small class sizes encourage interaction during and long after graduation. The alumni network is renowned for its life-long commitment to and involvement in the program. A good place to learn more about the Ivey student experience is The Ivey MBA Association; you can even contact a student ambassador.

Despite common misconceptions, Ivey is not a commuter school with students hopping on the subway every night to go back home. Students attend class at the Ivey-Spencer Leadership Centre and very likely live in the same neighborhood as their classmates. Through the vision and concerted efforts of its administration and faculty, Ivey has earned respect and ranking as a top-tier business school not just in Canada or North America, but across the world. Not bad, eh? We think of Ivey as a smaller scale version of London Business School (UK, not Ontario!).

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