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M B A Exchange, Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Educational Consultant in Highland Park, IL

Team-Based Discussion Prep

If you are invited to interview at Wharton, you will participate in a Team-Based Discussion (TBD). Interacting as a group, you and 4-5 other applicants will address a real-world business scenario, demonstrating for adcom observers how you analyze and resolve challenging issues in real time.

Back in 2012, The MBA Exchange led the admissions consulting industry by developing the first-ever interactive TBD Prep Service for Wharton applicants. We refine this innovative offering each year based on feedback from our Wharton applicants. Unlike other firms, our prep sessions are administered by skilled consultants who recently served as TBD Facilitators at Wharton. This first-hand experience ensures accuracy and authenticity!

Our facilitator presents the official “prompt” and then steps back so participants can interact freely just as they will in the real TBD. The facilitator carefully observes every aspect of the session and provides each participant with actionable, 1-on-1 feedback via a confidential scorecard. In addition, The MBA Exchange sends a confidential link to a password-protected, HD video recording of the session so participants can thoroughly and privately study their own performance. We’re the first major firm to offer this video-recorded component.

Through our TBD prep service, you can develop greater skill and confidence before entering the stressful environment of an actual Wharton session. (And we offer a similar service for applicants to Michigan Ross preparing for their team-based discussion.)

Optional Bonus Service: “TBD Plus”

Immediately after the actual TBD session, each candidate has a 10-15 minute individual interview with an adcom or 2nd year student. To help applicants fully prepare for this evaluative component, The MBA Exchange offers an optional 30-minute interview prep, mock interview and feedback session with a former admissions interviewer. We video record this session so our clients can assess and refine their performance before the official, in-person interview. Ask us about availability and pricing for this “TBD Plus” option.

Here’s what actual clients have to say about our TBD services:

“The practice session forced me to prepare, and was great for my confidence heading into the actual event. It also gave me some good ideas”
– Z., Connecticut

“I was crazy impressed!”
– J., Texas

“I feel much more comfortable going into my “real” interview at Wharton. Congratulations on such an excellent team at MBA Exchange.”
– A., California

“Definitely one of the more valuable interview prep tools that I would recommend any Wharton TBD candidate to consider!”
– M., Illinois

“I now feel more confident about the actual discussion because of the recent practice session. “
– A., China

“I’m writing to share a good news with you — I’ve been admitted to the Wharton MBA Class! Thanks for your help in the Team-based Discussion prep!
– L., Hong Kong

“[The session] prepared me to be more flexible to suggestions. The additional advice afterward was certainly helpful for myself to better understand ways that I can leave an impact if my desired role may be pre-emptively taken.”
– M., Illinois

“Thank you for this group discussion session, it was very instructive and helpful to improve from your detailed feedback.”
– K., Hong Kong

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