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Wake-up Call for Undergrads with MBA Dreams

March 18 2020 By The MBA Exchange
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Most graduate schools of business require two or more years of full-time work experience before a candidate can apply for full-time MBA admission. The average job history for admits is about four to five years. This is fine for the majority of undergrads, even those who know they want to attend business school “someday.” Most college students want to experience and enjoy the remainder of their college years, then get a first job so they can learn, grow and earn some money for a few years.

However, there’s a subset of undergrads who understand that the very best MBA programs are highly selective. Historic admission rates are as low as 7-10%. So, a few years from now, when these students actually apply for admission, the decisions they made and the actions they took during college will impact their chances for MBA admission. For example:

• Elective courses, campus clubs, leadership roles, travel destinations, and summer jobs pursued during college can elevate an MBA candidacy.
• Relationships with potential recommenders, current MBA students and helpful alumni will become more valuable if cultivated over the coming years.
• Learning about various business schools and specialized programs in order to build a targeted list of best matches should not be rushed.
• Researching and framing authentic, long-term career goals is vital (and neither quick nor easy.)

So, when it comes to your MBA plans, make time your ally instead of your enemy. Approach this process as a “methodical marathon” vs. a “stressful sprint.”

If you’re among the subset of current college students who want to become truly competitive for top-tier MBA programs within a few years after graduation, jumpstarting your admissions campaign now can give you the edge you’ll need later.

The MBA Exchange is ready to provide guidance and support to succeed. We’ve developed a consulting service specifically for motivated, forward-thinking, MBA-oriented undergraduates like you. Welcome to our FastStart™ Consultation!

This special engagement enables and empowers college students to start planning and optimizing their MBA candidacy now. FastStart consists of the “Analysis & Planning” component of our Comprehensive Consultation plus three scheduled, follow-up sessions after college graduation. You’ll then have the option of adding the “Implementation” component, during the year in which you’ll actually submit MBA applications.

The first step is free and meaningful. Request an expert evaluation of your MBA qualifications and admissions potential from The MBA Exchange. We’ve helped over 5,000 applicants over the past three decades – and we’ll be here for you whenever you decide to apply to your dream business school.