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Want to Write Great MBA Essays? Meet June, our Senior Editor

October 24 2018 By The MBA Exchange
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Over the past three decades, The MBA Exchange has guided and supported over 5,000 business school applicants. A major aspect of our consulting services is helping clients develop and refine school-specific essays that will enable admissions officers to fully understand and evaluate the underlying candidacy.

After the lead consultant assists in identifying the most relevant topics, compelling examples and logical structure for the essays, one of our professional editors reviews the applicant’s narrative draft and makes actionable suggestions for improving the differentiation, clarity and impact. Once the consultant and editor concur on the proposed refinements, the essays are then returned to the client to be finalized and submitted.

Essay editing is a delicate process since the applicant’s voice, authenticity and integrity must be safeguarded without exception. However, a thoughtful review by an experienced editor can help turn good essays into exceptional ones.

Editing is both an art and a science, requiring a skillset unlike any other. Strength in grammar, style, word choice, construction and creativity is just the start. An effective editor must also intuit, empathize and think strategically, adding value without intruding or commandeering. Considering the diversity of applicants to top business schools worldwide, the editor must also have a solid grasp of and respect for a wide range of industries, functions and cultures.

Not every admissions consulting firm can offer its clients the talents of a professional essay editor. At The MBA Exchange, we’re proud to feature an entire team of dedicated editors. The “gold standard” for quality, efficiency and results is our Senior Editor, June. Her candid answers below reveal what a special resource we have. Since joining The MBA Exchange in 2001, June’s clients have loved her contributions just as much as her colleagues.

Meet June!

  1. What previous academic background, professional experience and/or personal background has best prepared you for this work?
    “Although I have an MBA, a BS in psychology, and a BFA, I believe my colorful and varied career has best prepared me to help our clients: I have experience in computational research, higher education, project management, and entrepreneurship, as well as banking and health IT.”
  2. What is your greatest satisfaction in helping MBA Exchange clients succeed?
    “I get a great feeling of satisfaction in helping our clients present their best selves. Their professional, academic and personal stories are amazing, and I’m proud to be a tiny part of making sure the breadth and depth of each candidate comes through in every essay.”
  3. What three words best describe your mindset and approach to essay editing?
    “Authentic, clear storytelling.”
  4. If you were to give one piece of actionable advice to applicants writing their admissions essays, what would it be? (One sentence)
    “One day after completing your final draft, read it aloud – literally speak the words – to hear the flow, identify any repetition, and ensure that there’s a bit of ‘magic’ in the language.”

If you’re an MBA applicant who understands the importance of having great essays, then you’re a prospective client for our Senior Editor June and The MBA Exchange. Let’s talk soon!