You Don’t Need an MBA Admissions Consultant, IF…

Dog at the team table
  1. You’ve worked as an admissions officer for your target business schools
    Knowing the historic, admissions priorities and preferences of your dream b-schools would give you a clear advantage as an applicant. You’d have a first-hand sense of what the adcom values most and how close your candidacy comes to their ideal. However, if you don’t have that credential, we do. The MBA Exchange consulting team features former admissions officers and admissions committee members from the top programs including Harvard, Wharton, MIT Sloan, Columbia, Kellogg and Booth.
  2. You’ve recently advised hundreds of successful MBA applicants whose profiles were similar to yours
    Immersing yourself in the academic, personal and professional backgrounds of past MBA candidates like you – and knowing where they were admitted or denied – would be extremely beneficial. This data could help you calibrate where and why you’re likely to succeed. But if you don’t have this insight, we do. The MBA Exchange has advised more than 5,000 different applicants to all of the top b-schools since 1996. We’ve worked effectively with candidates whose academic, personal and professional backgrounds are very comparable to yours.
  3. You’ve conducted countless admissions interviews for MBA applicants who were subsequently admitted
    Sitting face-to-face with a wide range of candidates, asking them tough questions, assessing their answers, and recommending admission or rejection is a powerful experience. Highly trained interviewers are armed with a variety of frameworks to help them determine if a candidate merits admission. If you’ve never been such an interviewer, we have. The MBA Exchange features former admissions officers and alumni interviewers who know how b-schools probe applicants and what responses resonate most. We help our clients prepare and practice, efficiently and effectively, for optimal results.
  4. You’ve reviewed and edited thousands of successful MBA essays on a wide range of challenging topics
    Even for truly gifted writers or editors in other domains, the intricacies of b-school admissions essays are different and difficult. The subject matter, structure, style and tone of these essays are unlike anything you’ve written before. If you lack this specialized, professional experience in writing and editing MBA application essays, we have it. Having created their own winning essays, critiqued the stories of other applicants, and helped a wide range of past clients develop and refine their submissions, The MBA Exchange knows exactly what it takes to earn admission.
  5. You have a 4.0 GPA in a rigorous major from an Ivy League college, an 800 GMAT score, and a blue-chip resume
    Applicants with perfect credentials are like unicorns. You hear about them, but they don’t exist. But on the outside chance you have such a pristine profile, congratulations! Your chances for MBA admission are extremely high. However, if your credentials are less than perfect, don’t worry, you have lots of company in the b-school applicant universe. The MBA Exchange helps applicants confront vulnerabilities, mitigate flaws and present candidacies that can earn admission at even the most selective schools.

In closing, remember, there’s a price for being denied admission to your favorite business school. There’s more at stake than just disappointment and frustration. Remaining in a job you don’t like, postponing the compensation bump that follows graduation, seeing peers with MBA degrees get a head start in the market, or settling for attending a lesser school are sacrifices you don’t want to make.

So, if you’re an MBA applicant who has all five of these criteria, congratulations! We wish you great success in your solo admissions campaign – and would love to consider hiring you for our consulting team after you graduate. However, if you’re among the 99.9% of b-school candidates who could benefit from the skills, experience and dedication of a professional admissions consultant, The MBA Exchange is here for you! Let’s start with a free, expert evaluation of your candidacy. (And doesn’t that dog up there just make you smile? You’re welcome!)