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“Thank you notes” from The MBA Exchange

August 14 2012 By The MBA Exchange
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With kudos to late-night TV host Jimmy Fallon for creating the highly irreverent, comedic genre known as“Thank You Notes,”here are some of ours.

1. Thank you, top-tier business schools — for telling every potential applicant that he or she should apply to your MBA program but then not explaining why they were rejected. Makes our free, preliminary evaluations and our ding analyses even more important.

2. Thank you, Harvard — for reducing the number of essays that applicants can use to make their case for admission. Makes our proven process for helping develop the underlying candidacy, refine resumes and recommendations, and prepare for interviews essential.

3. Thank you, Wharton— for introducing the new “team-based discussion” to your admissions review. Makes our interactive-video practice session more attractive.

4. Thank you, MBA admissions professionals — for requiring that recommenders answer different questions for your school. This makes our guidance to applicants on how to plan recommendations more of a competitive advantage for them.

5. Thank you, GMAC — for changing the GMAT this year in ways that even the b-school adcoms don’t fully understand. This makes our test-anxiety counseling and customized tutor referrals more beneficial for applicants.

6. Thank you, other admissions consulting firms — for publishing cheap books and providing free advice for competitors of your paying clients via the internet every day. Makes our proprietary tools and commitment to “client-only” service more valuable. Finally, and without any sarcasm, we express a sincere “Thank You” to the applicants who trust The MBA Exchange each year to help them achieve their admissions goals. And to our team of brilliant, talented and dedicated consultants and editors who raise the bar for an entire industry every day. If this is the kind of consulting firm that you’d like to engage for your admissions campaign, then The MBA Exchange is eager to say “thank you” to you. Just let us know at

Thank you!